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Typography workshop/ Creative stimulus for internal team morale

I organized and facilitated a 2-part typography workshop to help improve morale and stimulate creativity within a design agency.

The goal was to get people to step away from their daily problems and to reframe their creative energy through a fun, interactive workshop.

Day 1

The 12 attendees would include designers and non-design folks, so I needed to set up an experience in which people could drive their own process of discovery, regardless of skill level.

The first step was to prep the ground by teeing up some of the rules and elements of type—such as axis, text color, and ornamentation—followed by real-life examples of those rules being broken.

After that, I put an assortment of different materials on the table—pins, wires, pipe cleaners, buttons, paint, and more—and instructed participants to choose one single word to design however they wanted.

People came up with great stuff and had a lot of fun!

Day 2

Since there were a lot of repeat attendees for Part 2, I brought up the work from last time to discuss with the group and firestart last session's captured output with a more critical eye—why were some words easier to read than others? This session's themes were intended to converge the open-ended creative work from Part 1.

This time the materials were simpler—only Play-Doh—as was the brief: to craft only a single letter, upper and lower case.

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