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The Project

IBM Technical Support is the place customers go for all things troubleshooting—behind the scenes, a complicated story unfolds.

Different areas of support are owned by different business units, each with their own regulations, look and feel, content strategy and code framework. The result is an uneedingly long, winding user journey through manuals and technical writing, when tall they needed was to download a new driver.

As part of the mammoth effort to bring together these disparate business units to create one cohesive customer experience, I helped them in the effort by refreshing the Tech Support mobile app design to the next generation.

Finding opportunities for quality-of-life improvements 

Research-informed quick wins  I read up on existing personas, user task flows, and concurrent usability testing from the larger IBM Support experience, and helped develp usability rubrics for evaluating opportunities for responsiveness.

  • Bookmarking feature  Users seek out the same content over and over, and even bookmark that content in their browser windows
  • Stack Interchange integration ‣ They value looking to peers for help via forums. We decided to integrate their most frequently used forums.
  • Stress-relieving, soft visuals ‣ User interviews indicated that users found the prior Support experience to feel chaotic, confusing, and unwelcoming. To combat that, I turned to the IBM style guide to find ways of creating softer, calming visuals.

The Redesign

Single sign-on login  We integrated the SSO effort across IBM Support into the app, further pushing the business to adopt it by showing them the value of being automatically signed in to all areas of the app—an obvious best user experience.


New features  Multimedia bookmarks & elastic search with tags support common use case of searching for the same evergreen content (e.g. product instruction manuals)

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